Puente de la Mujer
Puerto Madero

Buenos Aires, Argentina
1998 - 2001

Photos courtesy Santiago Calatrava archives

The old harbor of Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero, is currently being transformed into a new commercial and residential center and tourist area.

Among the notable developments are the construction of a Hilton apartment-hotel,  the Museum of the Sea and cinemas on the east side of Puerto Madero¹s Dock 3.

Streets on either side of Dock 3 link Puerto Madero to the city.  The pedestrian routes around Dock 3 are, however, inadequately connected to the urban fabric, as well as to the nearby axis created by the Town Hall, Plaza de Mayo and Plaza Rosada.

The challenge presented by the client, La Corporación Antiguo Puerto Madero, S.A., was to design a footbridge for Dock 3 that would improve pedestrian circulation and connect the plazas on either side of the embankment, while at the same time leaving unobstructed a loading dock that is still used for water traffic.

With Puente de la Mujer Santiago Calatrava delivered the solution to the challenge.

Puente de la Mujer consists of a rotating suspension bridge, 102 meters (335

ft) long, set between a pair of fixed bridges.  The central section is suspended by cables from an inclined pylon that is 39 meter (128 ft) high.

This section of the bridge can rotate 90 degrees to allow free passage of water traffic. The weight of the mechanical tower balances the weight of the pylon, allowing the rotational system to be simplified.

Built of reinforced concrete and steel and paved with natural stone or ceramics, the Puente de la Mujer will be illuminated at night, transforming it into a new symbol for Buenos Aires.  In conjunction with other recently built structures in the area, the Puente de la Mujer will also help to create a new sense of place for Puerto Madero.

Total length 160 meters (525 feet)

Client: La Corporación Antiguo Puerto Madero, S.A.