In cooperation with Kirsten Kiser and, Study Group from Space Creation has prepared this digital catalogue for an exhibition of the works of the world famous architect Santiago Calatrava.

Study Group has designed and developed the catalogue with selected buildings from the world famous Spanish architect and Dr. Techn. Civil Engineer Santiago Calatrava, the catalogue being a supplement to the Henry Art gallery exhibition catalogue.

The catalogue has been produced in collaboration with and Kirsten Kiser, who is curator for the Santiago Calatrava exhibition, which opened in July 2004 at the American art museum Henry Art Gallery in Seattle, Washington.

Study Group at Space Creation is made up of Anni Eifer, Joan Juvelli and Flemming Kibsgaard, who together with Kirsten Kiser made the draft design for the digital catalogue. 

The catalogue was coded and designed by Programmer Architect, Engineer, BSc IT Diploma and Computer Science Flemming Kibsgaard, with the assistance of Web-designer Anni Eifer.

Because of copyright restrictions, this catalogue may not be distributed or copied or used commercially, because the copyrights belong to Henry Art Gallery and Santiago Calatrava.

Flemming Kibsgaard