Campo de Volantin Footbridge
1994 - 1997

Photos courtesy Santiago Calatrava archives

The aim of the Hospital Bridge Project was to enlarge the traffic section of the river intersection around the area of the hospital, while retaining the existing bridge and optimising the movement of traffic at the outermost interchanges.
With two new  roadways Calatravašs design doubles the width of the existing bridge,  providing a framework for the old bridge and, at the same time, creates an  attractive public space.

Two stretches of road, on both sides of the bridge, create a symmetrical axis which focuses on the axis of the bridge.
Each of the roadways has a slanting steel arch, rising to a maximum height of 11.2 meters at its central point, that rests on white concrete piers situated at both ends of the bridge. The arches are a tubular structure of steel plates that are connected, by means of an additional system of tautened cables, to the side of the box girder. In this way, the cables transmit the loads coming from the board to the arch.

Length: 53.5 meters (180 feet). Width of board: 12.2 meters (40 feet). Hight of arch: 11.2 meters (37 feet).

Client: Murcia Town Council.