Campo de Volantin Footbridge
1994 - 1997

Photos courtesy Santiago Calatrava archives

The tilted steel arch gives the Campo de Volantin Footbridge a slim and graceful appearance.  With its sweeping parabolic form, repeated in the plan of the deck, the bridge is a pronounced juxtaposition of materials.

The translucent deck, with a structural glass surface, is of tighter radius than its supporting cradle.   The cradle is reinforced by a gently inflected steel tube, placed at right angles to the embankment, and boldly carried by concrete arms extending from the approach structure.

The Campo de Volantin Footbridge is named after the adjacent embankment. River Neruion Total length and maximum span:  75 meters (246 feet) Depth of arch: 15.3 meters (49 feet) Concrete abutments and ramps with inclined steel arch and cradle deck

Client: Local authorities